Covid-19 Opening

As you will be aware we, like everyone else were forced to close during the situation that we all know as Covid-19.

We are however thrilled that the Government are finally allowing us to reopen.

You will also be aware that we are based within the

grounds of Hobbledown - they have put their own measures in place to

keep you, us, and the Hobbledown team safe.

The Raptor Centre will be running flying demonstrations, and there will be opportunities to see birds on their perches.

For the foreseeable future:

Flying Demonstrations will take place at 11am and 2pm

The birds will be on static display from 12:00 until 4pm

Wednesdays are the bird's rest day, and therefore there will be no flying demonstrations or birds on static display.

Flying demonstrations are being kept deliberately short, so that you have as much time as possible to enjoy the rest of Hobbledown during your time slot.

No matter how many people attend the demonstration, we will use our PA system, this is to ensure that we are able to keep to the middle of the Flying Arena at all times (and still be heard) thus keeping significant distance between ourselves and you.

There will be no opportunities for close up photographs with you standing next to us and the birds - You are still welcome to take photographs during the demonstration.

There are strictly no opportunities to handle or fly our birds at this time.

In the Weathering Ground (the copse, behind the Willow Maze, which is where the birds sit on their perches) has signs along the fence with pictures so that you can identify each bird.

Our Information Tower has been updated, and answers the more frequently asked questions, such as, Why are the birds tied? We ask that you take the time to visit the tower to see if your questions can be answered there.

We are of course more than happy to chat with you about the birds, but we would ask that you remember to socially distance from us at all times, so that we can work to keep each other safe.

Flying Demonstrations will take place at their usual location, in the Flying Arena beside the Willow Maze, we ask that you respect us, the Hobbledown team, and your fellow visitors by always staying in your own groups, and socially distancing at all times.

We are very much looking forwards to welcoming you back,

however this is a very difficult time, and we thank you in advance

for your patience and understanding.


The Raptor Centre